Hi I'm Dani

I’m an ex teacher and now mummy to two little ones; my sassy but charming 4 year old, Imogen and my mischievous 2 year old wild child, Joshua.

I think every mother remembers giving birth to their first born and realising their world has changed forever. Aside from loving them wholeheartedly and the overwhelming sense of wanting to protect your precious bundle, there’s also that sudden realisation that nothing is about you anymore. Pre kids, I loved fashion and took pride in my appearance. I still wanted this to be a part of who I was, although inevitably my focus changed to dressing up my little person.

For me, it was about finding my daughter good quality and stylish clothes that weren’t the conventional pink, bright colours or bold patterns. Instead I was drawn to simple pieces and muted tones to achieve a more chic and stylish look, naturally coordinating her with the kind of things that I liked to wear and I was often complimented on my baby’s wardrobe. It was this that inspired my vision and ‘Imogen & I’ was born.

Fast forward four years, and having been through a global pandemic, I feel life has been stripped back to basics. We appreciate the simple things and more emphasis is put on what’s really important – our family and friends! But of course, we want to look and feel great when we are with them!!

Now, more than ever before, we are taking the fundamental steps (however small) to look after our future and restore our planet and surely there is no bigger motivator for this than the next generation – our children!!

The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world, so I am making it my mission to seek out local, ethical and high quality brands to curate collections of simple but stylish clothing for the ever conscious mummy and their little one. Pieces are handpicked with versatility, comfort and high style in mind, in order to create statement looks, in an effortless and understated way.

Sustainability is a journey and I hope you will join me on mine as I take the plunge and leave my career in teaching to pursue this venture. Why not celebrate the unequivocal bond between a mother and their child by sharing a sense of style, whilst shopping that bit more responsibly.

Thank you for visiting my online store.

I wanted to find my daughter good quality and stylish clothes that weren’t the conventional pink, bright colours or bold patterns.

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